The Workaholic Part II (warning: erotic content)


The same bump in the railway line that always jolted him awake marked the halfway point in his journey home from work, and tonight it had also jolted the phone from the lap of the person sitting opposite him. It landed near Blake’s feet, and he stooped to pick it up. Passing it back to its owner, Blake shifted in his seat, frowning at the dream he’d been having as it drifted from the peripheral of his memory.

The events of the day played over and again in his mind: words spoken during a senior staff meeting, the arrogant tones of his major client, DM Holdings, who had called him for the third time this week with yet another list of demands. Even the automatic smile and greeting from the receptionist when he arrived at work in the morning were stuck on repeat inside his head.

Blake pulled out his own phone and checked his email account. Of course! Another email from DM Holdings. Blake tapped the home button; the email could wait till tomorrow.

The train journey that seemed to take hours ended at about 45 minutes, just as it always did, and he was soon sliding the key into the lock of his front door.   The smell of stale beer and last night’s lasagna greeted him. His washing hung on the portable line in the lounge room and the red wine stain on his beige carpet glared angrily back at him. These things should have collectively worked to prevent any form of relaxation on his part. But not tonight. Tonight, Blake was headed straight for the shower. Then, there were leftovers for dinner and a warm bed to entice his weary body.

Hitting the play button on his surround sound system, Blake let go of his working day and was swallowed up by the soothing sounds of Simon & Garfunkel… Hello darkness my old friend…

The hot water from the shower rose caressed his head and shoulders, trickling over the rest of his body, steaming up the glass walls. Losing track of how much time had passed, the bathroom filled with steam. Turning the shower off and opening the door, allowing a rush of steam to escape, he wrapped himself in a towel and walked towards his bedroom, then stopped when he realized the music was no longer playing. Knowing there were more than a hundred hours of music stored on his system, he detoured into the lounge room to investigate why it had stopped.

Outside his lounge room window, the stars were frozen in the deep velvet sky and a wisp of cloud kissed the moon goodnight. Blake slipped into a state of blurred consciousness, somewhere between a daydream and actual sleep. He was vaguely aware that he had sat down on his couch and a comfortable warmth settled over him. Spreading slowly from beneath him, it gradually enveloped his entire body.

The warmth lingered on his skin, while another sensation, one of being caressed, came sliding up his spine and made him draw his breath deeply as it drifted around his neck, pausing beneath his ears in a familiar manner.

Blake felt his towel sliding from his lap and was aware that he was once again at the mercy of his alien lover, Karanda. This beautiful alien being came and went as she pleased, seemingly unaware, or perhaps gleefully and completely aware, of her long-lasting effect on him. She came to him when she wanted him, then she would be gone again, and he never knew how long it would be before he saw her again.

He felt his senses drowning in the moment. Her delicate, warm fingers slowly moved up his arms, hesitating at his shoulders, then swirling down and tantalizing the skin across his chest. He held his breath as her caresses moved lower.

He had no idea how she managed to make him feel semi-conscious the way she did, but there were times when she came, made love with him, and went, leaving him wondering if he had merely been in the grips of a vivid, erotic dream.

Now her breath was warm on his neck and he was aware that she had brought her knees down on either side of him, while her fingers found his erection and gently squeezed it, pulling it towards her and then pushing it into the soft folds of skin between her thighs. He let the air escape his lungs with a loud groan and thrust forward with his hips, wanting more of her.

She was whispering in his ear, but he couldn’t hear her at first, because he was immersed in their mutual arousal.

“Burhanye, Blake, burhanye nur!”

She repeated the words, in her alien tongue, but Blake knew what these words meant – although he didn’t speak a word of her language. He was suddenly alert and knew exactly what she said, knew exactly what she wanted.

He pushed himself forward and they landed on the floor together, but he was on top of her now. His mouth came down firmly on hers and he plunged his erection into her. He loved the way her whole body responded to him, it turned him on almost as much as the pleasure he gained from thrusting himself into her again and again. She curved her back and wrapped her long legs around him, and as she did he felt his erection reach further inside her. She called out his name with her thick alien accent and he groaned and exhaled with each urgent thrust.

Karanda came with a series of loud gasps, opening her eyes and staring into his. Blake slowed down and settled into a rhythm, deciding to make this last as long as he could, enjoying every single moment of being joined to her like this.

He was aware that her beautiful nipples were hard and rubbing against his chest, while he grinded away at the warmth that radiated from the sweet folds that received his hard penis so readily each time he saw her.

She was whispering to him again, and he had to focus to hear her above the sound of his heavy breathing. He wasn’t sure what she was saying this time, but soon understood that she expected him to roll over onto his back, as she placed her hands on his shoulders and pushed him. She managed to roll with him, positioning herself on top, without letting his erection slip out of her.

Now Karanda took charge, moving her hips slowly at first, backwards and forwards, then in a circular motion. He could feel every detail of her most intimate parts, as they rubbed against his. His hands slid up her thighs and grasped her hips as they worked. Her breasts swayed as she moved back and forth, her head rolled back and she started to move faster, more vigorously.

She looked down at him now, with a determined expression. She was going to make him come, and she was doing it on her terms. He looked back at her, completely at her mercy, while she pumped his throbbing erection in and out of her body.

He noticed how her hair fell forward on either side of her face, and the skin on her neck took on a glow that was only there when she was sexually aroused like this. Then he felt his orgasm rising inside him and the quickening of his breath as it rose, and he knew he had to let it go – there could be no stopping it now.

She leaned forward to watch him closely as he came, pushing her body down hard onto his penis, which pulsed and throbbed deep inside her.

He reached up and pulled her face down onto his, kissing her passionately, before his arms fell back onto the floor and she collapsed on top of him, her head on his shoulder. The air rushing in and out of their lungs was the only sound in the room.