The Workaholic Part III (warning: erotic content)

#003 Without making her presence known to him, Karanda watched Blake as he walked past the tree she was standing behind. She focussed and sent out the signal from her mind that, were she communicating with another being such as her, would communicate her desire for intimacy. But Blake was human, and biologically unable to receive such a message. Instead, Blake felt a familiar sensation come over him, a sensation that he knew as her ‘spell’.

It had been several weeks since he’d last seen her. Blake had decided to take a walk to clear his mind of increasing feelings of frustration. He wanted more from Karanda. They had made a promise to each other a long time ago that she would be his, exclusively, and he would be hers. Blake had been satisfied with their mutual commitment, but these days he had become more and more distracted by the idea of a life that involved more than his career and the occasional visit from his lover. In fact, if he was honest with himself he was distracted more by ideas of a life in which his career faded completely from the prominent role it had always played.

He chided himself now; realistically he knew he had worked too hard for his career to consider throwing it away.

There was no getting away from the frustration though: since Karanda had become an irregular presence in his life he had gradually come to realise that his career was not the only thing that he wanted. Years ago, when they had first met and felt an instant mutual attraction, her sporadic visits to him were enough. They were exciting. She was exciting, and he never knew when she would come crashing into his life again; sometimes it was just a few days between her visits, sometimes it was months.

Sometimes Karanda stayed for a few days, sometimes just a few hours.

It was early evening; the sun was painting the clouds in pastel shades of peach and pink while the birds in the reserve called to their partners. Blake rounded a bend in the path and started on a trail that would take him uphill to a lookout. The view of the city lights would be good for his troubled mind.

He passed a big, old gum tree, then felt Karanda’s spell overtake his senses.

He was vaguely aware of being guided by his naked lover to a secluded spot behind the trail he had been walking on a few moments before. Then he felt her fingers entwining with his, as she planted a slow kiss on his lips. She knelt down on the grass beneath them, directing him to do the same. He could smell her breath, warm and salty, and her billowing hair fell lightly on his face, before floating back again the way it always did; weightlessly.

Karanda lowered her body onto his, sparking an immediate response. His senses were beginning to sharpen and his hands moved around to grasp her hips as she rocked herself backward and forward, his bulging penis finding the soft warmth between her thighs. He let out a low groan as his erection fought to be released from the confines of his clothing. She saw to it, swiftly unzipping his fly and pushing his trousers and underwear out of the way. The pause allowed Blake to briefly catch his breath.

Then she was back, pulling at his shirt, giggling softly as the buttons flew off in different directions. He didn’t care; he had to have her now. He thrust his hips upwards as she pushed herself down onto his hard penis. She rode him rhythmically, kissing him passionately as she did, and he thought about the way she increased his arousal when she used his body for her pleasure.

Karanda slowed herself down as she climaxed and looked down into his face while she took in deep breaths. Blake could feel her sensitive folds of skin quivering with her orgasm.

Eventually her breathing became more regular and she leaned forward until her body was resting on top of his. She brought her legs together so that his still-erect penis was squeezed more tightly inside her. Then she began to grind her pelvis into his, increasing his pleasure as his breath came and went with muffled words of affection.

Karanda leaned over to one side and he rolled on top of her, keeping his erection inside her.  She had the ability to keep him inside her as long as she wanted. He was moving inside her now. He paused and slid his hand down her left thigh, lifting her leg out from under him, and bringing it to rest against his chest.

Her eyes widened with excitement as he continued with his long, slow thrusting. Her long arms reached around to grasp hold of his lower back, pulling him down into her.

Her breasts swayed in time with him as he took his pleasure from her now, all the while drinking in the beauty of her dark eyes and open mouth. Her dark, wavy hair was the exact colour of her eyes, which was as black as a night sky would be if it had swallowed up the moon and all the stars.

She was coming again, and he felt his own orgasm as it spilled into her. Wave after wave of pleasure engulfed them both and as they slowly subsided she pulled his face down to hers, kissing him softly. He gently guided her leg back down and then collapsed on top of her. Then he rested his forehead on the grass beside hers.

Laying this close to her, her skin hot from their exertion, it seemed that her alien-blood could be seen pulsing beneath her translucent pink skin on her shoulder. He hadn’t noticed it before, and they had lain together like this countless times during their relationship. She was a wonder to him and he loved the way this otherworldly body kept on surprising him.

“Blake”, she whispered into his ear, “Blake, I want to stay with you, but I can’t. I want to take you away with me. But I can’t”.

It was as though she had read his mind, as he had walked the trail, before he found himself under her spell.